How do I delete a custom Nozzle?

I don’t see how to do this in the Web App or the IOS app.

On iOS, have you tried swiping it to the side? For Android it’s a long-press which means for iOS it’s usually a swipe. Try both.

Neither works.

Odd, if you do a search that’s mentioned as the way to do it for iOS more than once. You slide out the main menu on the left, choose custom nozzles and then swipe the one you want to delete. Even Franz flip flopped if it should be swiped left or right but just try both. Is that where you were trying to do it? This is what that screen looks like on my android and where you’d be doing the swiping:

These are the correct ways to remove a custom nozzle.

What are you seeing?

User error - I was trying to delete from where I created (in the zone). When I press the hamburger and choose custom nozzles I swipe and find the delete key. Works great!

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mmmm…hamburger. :hamburger: