How do I add Alert Recipient?

We finally got our Rachio v1 installed, and are excited to be finally online! My wife is getting the alerts from the controller, but I would like to add myself to also get alerts. I have looked at your mobile and web apps and cannot find anyplace where I can either change who gets alerts, or to add another recipient (the latter is what we need to do). Where can I find this functionality? Thanks.


This article might help with your question.


I guess my question is then if I set myself up as someone who the account is shared with (full), will I receive the same email and text alerts from the system as my wife who is primary on the account? If so, I guess this works, but if not, this is really basic functionality that should be part of the system just like it is for other wireless home systems like alarms. Thanks.


As of now, alerts are set to go to the owner (primary account holder) only. If you’d like to both receive notifications, as a married couple, I suggest simply sharing your credentials and logging in with the same Rachio account.

The Shared Access (Full or Limited) feature is often used by, and primarily intended for, landscapers and full-time irrigation pros. These guys often have over 5 devices, sometimes upwards of 50, shared with them on a single account. Can you imagine getting that many notifications on a daily basis?

Just a bit of background info there. Of course, if you’d like to spark discussion on changing this functionality, Rachio is always receptive to change and we’ll track product suggestions from within that forum topic. ( )

Thanks for reaching out!
~Lucas :rachio:

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