How are seasonal adjustments computed?

I ask because I just switched them on for a couple of schedules, so there was no adjustment yet and I wanted to “catch” them up to high summer time. I looked at other schedules that had the adjustment on and found the value ranged all over the place. I even have two schedules (fixed) for the same zones since I want to run one day in the evening and the other day in the early morning. (They are on watering day restrictions.) One schedule had an adjustment of 44%, the other was at 27%.

Ideally I would like to set the watering times to what they “should” be on a “neutral” day–that is one where the adjustment is 0%. Maybe a Spring day. Then I would expect the adjustment to go up in the summer and down in the winter.

When a fixed schedule is created we take the current average weather and build run times. From there on a weekly basis we adjust based on predicted and current weather.

I want to redo fixed schedules closer to what you are talking about and more industry standard where we set run time for historical averages in hottest time frame (usually July), then apply a seasonal adjustment to offset for the current month. As you approach July adjustment will reach zero, and then back off again as you go into Fall. A few other things we want to do like when you change watering interval, we re-adjust times, etc.

So, the current plan is to revisit these probably in Fall/Winter for next watering season and do a overhaul taking feedback we have received this year.


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Sounds good.