How about removing the need for a year when creating a schedule?

I water typically between April and October. When creating a schedule, I have to supply the year which means that I have to add a reminder to my phone to tell me to update the year every November. Wouldn’t it be better to make the year optional?


I second that suggestion.

Agree, start Mother’s day every year and stop at Halloween, what about that?

Some of us water the whole year (Houston, TX area). Any adjustments made to accommodate shorter years will need to recognize this.

I put my system in standby for the part of the year I am not watering…

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How does that work? So you don’t tell it when to start and stop? I want to be able to tell it to start and stop, just not specify the year so it will start and stop on those dates each year.

I live in Las Vegas and our water restrictions have the same start and stop dates every year. Winter (Nov – Feb), Spring (Mar – Apr), Summer (May – Aug), and Fall (Sep – Oct). During each of these seasons you may only water on specified days and from May – Sep, not between 11AM & 7PM. For my 13 schedules I have entered start and stop dates for this year but on Jan 1, 2017, I will need to edit all of my schedules to change 2016 to 2017. I know this takes only a few minutes but it would be nice to “set it and forget it”.

Same here.

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