How about APP/Phone Notifications without vibration?

I love RACHIO. I love RACHIO notifications. I do NOT love being awakened at 4am by Rachio notifications. I cannot silence me Android phone as I need it for emergency calls during the night plus my 7am wake-up alarm. Can we find a way to silence the notifications? PLEASE??!!!??


Yes, please recode the notification to use the standard Android notification message, which then will output sound/vibration according to the user’s phone settings. No need to have the app trigger the notification sound or vibration itself.

Hi @jwol and @wx16, sorry for the delay on this.

I believe our notifications are using the standard Android notification messages. I think you want priority notifications only:

You can then select which notifications are priority.


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A standard Android notification won’t cause the phone to vibrate if it is set to audible alerts mode while a Rachio notification causes my phone to vibrate no matter what state it is in.

A standard Android notification will cause the phone to play the default notification alert when not set to vibrate mode or do-not-disturb mode/priority notifications.

There is a new feature in Android 7.0/Nougat, which my phone just upgraded to last night, that has the option to set per app either block all app notifications, or silence the notifications (including supressing vibrate) but still display them. For now, I have switched the Rachio app to the latter mode.

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