Hourly schedule not being followed

I planted some new grass and set a custom schedule to water every 2 hours and end at 6pm. Based on the history it seems like it waters the grass every 2 hours day and night. Why is it not stopping at 6 pm?


Sorry for any confusion. The hourly schedule type will run at the interval chosen throughout the day. I will work with the product team on making this more clear. In this case I think the best option for the day would to have a start and end time for the day (i.e. 12am - 6am).

Hope this clear up any confusion for now around this schedule type.


We really need the ability to set a start and end time for schedules that are more frequent than a day! Please implement this! A similar request was brought up 3 years ago: New Grass Seed. Want to water ever hour during the day. Every 3 hours at night


I agree, don’t know when product will fit this in.

Now I did see a customer with a workaround that was clever.

They created a fixed daily schedule with a manual soak time of 3 hours between zones.

So, they got start/end times and the soak period was essentially hourly intervals.

Does that make sense?


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Too bad the soak time can’t actually be 3 hours. Limited to 1 hour or less.