Hot days, shallow roots, sandy soil

We have some challenging zones. We are located on a beach where about 3 inches under our lawn is pure sand. The cool season grass here has only about 2-3 inches of roots. On very hot sunny days some areas of our lawn would burn out, even with a high cut. I bought the Iro gen 2 hoping it will help us avoid this damage because it is intelligent and monitors the weather. But it seems to me the Iro is going to likely under water these zones for very hot days. It wants to run almost every day, which is probably right, but on extremely hot days we need it to water again during the day if the moisture level is going to drop. Can the Iro do this?

IFTTT has a recipe called “Rachio - Cool my yard… It’s a hot day!” which may help. When the temperature exceeds a threshold, it runs a zone for (1, 5, 10, …) minutes.

What kind of schedule are you running? That will help us determine options.

What is IFTTT?

If This Then That – pretty cool tool that lets you use triggers to do other things.

I just looked at. Wow this is giving me chouces I’ve never had before. Does it really work?


I run a daily flex schedule but I also run a fixed schedule to cool the curbs once a day. I have those zones run 5 minutes every day to help cool the curbs. Works well!

Yep. IFTTT is pretty cool.

Yes, and very well. My microclimate is pretty extreme, so I have a recipe that activates a 48 hour rain delay if my rain sensor trips (set at 1/8 inch). Has saved me some watering on many occasions.

If I were you, I would use a product called revive, Emil turned me into it. Will help get some organic material down into that sand. Also, I hope you core are ate every year, that will help get more dirt into that sandy layer which will allow you to increase your awc.