Hot days ahead and Flex watering less?

Hi, I just installed my Iro this weekend and so far its great! there is one thing im a little little confused about. I have flex schedules set up to water M,W,F. its supposed to get hotter at the end of the week and into the weekend, but the flex schedule is planning on watering less on wed and even less on friday. It seems like it should be doing the opposite. am i missing something?

I would take a quick look at your soil moisture graph forecast data (Zone details). There really is no magic to flex schedules (sorry to say) :wink: Each zone has a moisture balance. This balance is measured in inches. Daily, evapotranspiration (ET) draws this balance down while precipitation and irrigation pull it back up. Looking at my forecast, you can see that for Aug 10th and 11th my moisture balance is staying pretty even and not dipping down. The daily ET (minus) is offset by the precipitation (positive). When the balance hits zero, flex schedules will water.

So, it’s not as simple as just getting hotter, there are other factors as well. I would check out the forecast data and see what is happening. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Hope this helps!


ok, so maybe mine isnt calculating/displaying correctly?

according to the image below, I should have 0.60 in (100%) at the end of the day on Aug 12,

but according to the forecast for the next week (below), im starting the 13th with 0.12in and subtracting 0.19in. the 14th returns to the correct value starting value (0.6 - 0.19 = 0.41) waters +0.40 and subtracts 0.21, to end the day at 0.60 (100%), but then on the 15th im starting with 0.20? the 18th gets weird again… am i missing something here?

also my watering schedule online doesnt match the schedule in the app…

Thanks for this, having the development team review. Will let you know our findings.


Thanks! For what it’s worth, I tweeked a few things and it seems to be displaying correctly now. Previously I had watering days limited to MWF. And now I’m allowing it to water whenever it wants. I also changed my soil type, not sure if either of those point to anything…

My watering schedule on the app and the Web still don’t match though

The development team did find an issue with how we render this in some cases. We are taking past observations and merging with forecasted data and the merge process seems to have an issue when the data does not line up correctly.

Working on a fix, hope to have it out in a few days. The flex schedules still run properly day-to-day so this is a display defect.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



I had a similar thing on my flex schedules. We had a heat wave in SoCal and 1/2 my lawn died and lost a hibiscus. I’ve switched to fixed at least for my lawn.