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I’m new and just starting my first week with the Rachio and daily flex schedule. I’m learning but have a ways to go. My question is when I open the app and click on home there is weather on a calendar at the top of the page. Where does this data come from. I went through the process to setup my PWS and the app is reading from my weather station. But the data is wrong. Today it shows a high of 93 and low of 64. My station KSCMYRTL52 shows a high of 88.9 and low of 68.8. Any help is appreciated. I just like to understand the data.

@franz is the resident PWS expert.

To the best of my knowledge, the only data that Rachio uses from your PWS is the precipitation amount. The rest of the data is obtained from Weather Intelligence, using multiple stations in your area. There’s an article at https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010542188-What-is-Weather-Intelligence-

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Racho does not continuously update the forecast data, like WU does. At the time of the update, it may have matched what you would see on the WU site, but since than the WU forecast would have been updated. As far as I remember, Rachio updates their data from the weather provider once per day & an hour prior to running a schedule.