History with Rain Sensor fixed

Hi. I have a Rachio 3 and a rain sensor accessory. I’ve noticed that the history is showing that my schedule ran even though the rain sensor was activated. Can this be fixed in an upcoming release?

This is a bit of an anomaly where the weather station reported 0 rain but there was close to a half inch in reality. Nonetheless, if the rain sensor is active the schedules are not running and it should be reported as such.

Screenshot attached - Rain sensor activated, 2 scheduled runs. No rain sensor deactivation.

Actually I may be mistaken here. The screenshot shows an update to the weather. It does not show the schedule starting / stopping. Had me confused nonetheless as it says the schedule was not skipped.

Without the rain sensor it would have ran. Today is a perfect example where it brought value although most usually it’s redundant as the weather stations are usually more accurate than today.

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