High or low flow detected every time

I have a Rachio 3 controller. My wireless flow meter was installed underground and by a Rachio-recommended installer a few weeks ago. The signal from the flow meter has never been worse than good. Nevertheless, every time the sprinkler system runs, at least one zone shows high or low flow detected. The particular zone varies. I have had the installer recalibrate and check the system for leaks, etc, once. I have recalibrated the whole system once, and individual zones multiple times. Neither the installer nor I know what to do at this point.

Any ideas? Thanks, Adrian

@babydoc, What is the value for Pressurize Time and Settle Time under More/Controller Settings/Flow Settings? I might increase the value for the Pressurize time?

Also for the zones what is the low flow trigger % and the high flow trigger % along with the baseline for the zones that have reported a message? What is on those zones - drip or spray?

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How much room (length of straight pipe) do you have upstream of the flow sensor? If there are 90 degree elbows too close to the sensor, turbulence may effect the readings and cause erroneous deviations.