High Level View of Flex Scheduling

I’m new, and before I dive in too far, I have some basic questions:

To my understanding, Rachio “daily flex scheduling” is based on a modeling of soil conditions, plant requirements, irrigation system performance, environmental conditions, etc. The model is described by parameters in the advanced settings.

So if I set up my zone as best I can, and select daily flex scheduling., then the system will select a schedule of irrigation according to the model and changing environmental factors.

Here is the question: If the amount of watering being applied does not seem quite right, how does one tweak the performance? Is the only option to tweak the various parameters in an attempt to make them more accurate? Or can you, for instance, manually increase the run time on a schedule, such that the baseline water level is increased, and then allow the flex scheduling to modify up or down from there?

Will it always use a daily schedule, or will it ever operate on a 2 day or 3 day interval, for instance?

Thanks for the help.

What are you basing this off of? Assuming you have all settings dialed in, Raxhio is watering exactly how you should water. Do many water that way? No. Like many, I was guilty of running my drip 2-3 times a week for an hour or so prior to Raxhio. After a bit of re-training of my plants, I now water up to 4 hours per zone, but only once every 14 days or so in the winter, and every 5-7 days in the summer, and that is in 115° Arizona heat! My plants and trees have never looked better!

What kind of zone specifically are you looking at? Grass, shrubs, or trees?

I would know because my grass is not getting enough water to stay lush and healthy.

This Is all hypothetical for me at this point, since I am only using a fixed schedule right now. So I am only speculating that for some of the parameters it will be hard to make a better guess than the default. Models are limited. They are not perfect. So if things need to be tweaked somewhat empirically, I am just wondering how that would be done.

On the other hand, I find the situation you describe in Arizona to be very interesting. I am just starting to look at this forum, so I don’t yet have any sense of how well the Daily Flex scheduling is working for most people, or it delivers on its promise.


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Well, if you want to start dialing in your zones, post up some screenshots of your settings and give us the details on your sprinkler system and specifically, nozzle manufacturer and model.