High flow rotary sprinkler heads

It would be good to be able to adjust the type of rotary sprinklers. I have three rotary sprinklers that are each throwing 4gal. /sprinkler.

As I understand it, the three types of sprinkler head that are available as options roughly correspond to high, medium and low flow rates. If you have rotary head sprinklers with a high flow rate, I’d set them as a different type (presuming they comprise a single zone) in the app.

@cleturno‌ Do you have a link to the type of sprinkler head you are referring to?

Sorry for the delayed response: https://www.hunterindustries.com/irrigation-product/rotors/i-20

I also now have 3 zones utilizing these rotors with between 3-5 heads on a zone.

Wow, not sure if you are still needing help with this, being that the thread was 4 years old…but a lot has changed with Rachio and you can set the PR of the nozzles for each zone. While those are putting down up to 4gph in certain circumstances, the PR is only about .40"/hr, which is what you would want to enter into the advanced zone settings of Rachio.

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