High Flow Leak Detected - not obvious why

I have a couple of zones that have been shutdown due to reported high flow leaks, yet the reported flow and threshold are showing as exactly the same value in the notifications. I calibrated the system (Rachio 2) when I installed the wired flow meter (Everydrop 1004) and there are no obvious leaks in the zones. Pressurize Time is set to 2m and Settle Time at 3m

Should I increase the Pressurize Time? Thx

This is very strange. This really can’t be calibration. If it is not an actual bug, I am wondering if something happened that set the %error that causes a warning to be set to 0? Let’s say it is calibrated to 9.0 gpm, but it read 9.03 (doesn’t show the 3) so it is technically higher but way too accurate of a trip point.

Thx, kinda what I was thinking as well