High-Flow Detected

I just installed the new wireless flow sensor one week ago, got everything calibrated, now have an issue with one zone shutting down due to “High-Flow” detected. This zone has all adjustable drip lines watering my Pygmy palms and Sago palms. The email I received today says my wireless flow detected a flow rate of 4.5 gpm, which is above your set threshold of 4.2 gpm. That doesn’t seem all that high to me to shut down a zone, is it??. My problem is I’m out of state for two weeks, it’s still hot in AZ and I won’t be back to fix it. Can I at least override that zone so it will continue to water something so my plants won’t die??

@Mistak You’ve got a couple of options in this situation.

  1. If there is variability in the drip line rate, you can increase the High-Flow trigger threshold so that it’s a little less sensitive to this change via Edit Zone -> Flow Settings.
  2. Turn off Auto Shut Off so that even though your zone may trigger an alert, it won’t shut off the zone.

Also, don’t forget to re-enable the zone which will allow it to re-join your schedules.

Let me know if this helps.

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@timber Has a valid and sound point. Your thresholds may be too sensitive. I would strongly recommend changing the adjustable drip lines to those with a fixed rate of precipitation.

Fixed rate drip emitters can be found in 0.5 gph up to 4gph and can be used in multiples per plant as required for reaching the proper root depths within the parameters of your program settings.

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Thank you both for the input. I re-enabled that zone so it’s back on schedule, increased the High-Flow trigger threshold so it’s a little less sensitive. Once back home I can look at changing the emitters to fixed. I did have some issues with a couple of the adjustable emitters blowing off the drip lines…maybe pressure when that zone first kicks on. It could possibly be the heat warming up the lines so much that it gets too soft. When that zone kicks in, the emitter comes off. Thx

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You may want to put a regulator on the valve that controls that zone. Those bubblers run best on 30 to 50 psi.
I recommend the regulator on the valve since it offers a filter as well. It requires less system maintenance and affords the best reliability for flow.

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