High flow alert inaccurate

A high flow alert of 2.7 gpm keeps getting sent for a zone that’s been calibrated at 1.7 gpm over and over. The zone has been repeatedly checked for leaks/breaks with no issues found. When calculating actual gallons used/run time (75 gallons / 45 minutes = 1.67), it is accurate (and this is the actual output as I installed the system and completed usage calculations). This 2.7 gpm is a number that is inaccurate - could there be a programming issue within the Rachio system that’s causing this? All other zones (8 total) have been fine with no inaccurate readings or alerts being sent.

What is your Pressurize time set to under Controller Settings? Perhaps you simply need to increase it.

Most likely one or more heads don’t open cleanly, allowing more water to flow out around the head than normally possible via the mister when fully open.

3 minutes; was 1 minute. The actual output is right around 1.7 gpm based on the amount of netafim emitter line used.

just to be clear, the high flow alerts have occurred with 3 minute setting, correct? Or have you just made the change?

Of course I recalibrated the system with the 3 minute window.

What flowmeter are you using? Also, during calibration, does it read the same 1.7 every sample or is it bouncing around?