Hiding Schedule

How about a way to hide/show disabled schedules, like there is with zones?

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@Chapin, Love the idea, I’m surprised we haven’t heard of this request before. Could you tell us more about the need for disabled schedules? Are you creating different schedules for different seasons? How many schedules would you keep active versus disabled on a regular basis?

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I have created some schedules that I primarily don’t want visible. I manually run them as needed. I’m using these particular schedule to run zone 3 and 4 for testing drip emitter flow for various durations and qty of emitters. Once I am done with this, it would be nice to hide the disabled schedules.

Gotcha, makes sense. Do you think the remote could replace these watering durations if you’re only running them on occasion?

Sort of. The remote is great for running all or a single zone. It would be able to manually run some but not all zones. Maybe with the same or different durations.

@Chapin, You can queue up different zones to run different time intervals with the remote. Is that whet you’re wanting to do?


I’d love to be able to do this for old schedules that I no longer use. I don’t like that “disabling” a schedule removes the prior watering history on the schedule calendar. I have a few iterations of the current schedule I use but the only option I have is to set an end date because I can’t hide the schedule from the list.

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