Hiccup in Future Watering Predictions?

Looking at my future waterings, it appears that there might be a hiccup in the predictions? I noticed this happening in several of my zones.

(1) Can’t understand why it is predicting to water when the moisture level can more than handle the predicted ET.

(2) Even if it did water, it’s wanting to take the moisture level to exactly 100% and not water it’s normal fill amount.

I’m guessing that this will all straighten out when it gets to the actual day and that this is just a prediction bug, but thought best to check, especially as this is the first time I’ve seen this happen.

@Linn The power of flex! @theflexdude would be so happy. You have a restriction for “no watering” on Thursday, flex predicts that you can’t make it to Friday, so it will “top” off your bucket.



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:joy::rofl::joy: And I should have known that!!!

Now if @theflexdude can just come up with a way to handle the terrible rain predictions that we get … no, I mean that we don’t get!

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