Hey Colorado residents, when you starting your sprinklers?


We have had great weather and it keeps looking nice the next 10 days. Sure we may get snow but doubt the ground will freeze. I was thinking about starting my system up soon to save me from hand watering some trees and plants. What do you guys think? Safe? Anyone else doing the same?


I’m not an expert by any means, but I know that we can get snow storms till May. I think the rule of thumb is not to plant anything until after Mother’s day. I know I usually don’t start things up until late April, maybe later if it is a exceptionally wet month.

Hope this helps.



It isn’t the ground freezing that is the issue honestly. It is the backflow preventer, valves and everything above ground. While the weather is very deceiving I wouldn’t think about turning the system on until late April early May.

if you do turn things on earlier I would suggest insulating the backflow preventer at a minimum.


Very helpful. Thank you!


@thepro8, you definitely need to be doing some winter watering with the mild weather Colorado has been having. Here’s a great (and short) CSU extension article on the topic.

I’d hate to see you get fooled by the surprise highs and lows Colorado weather might throw us over the next 60 days. Historically, the last freeze can happen as late as Mother’s Day.

If your system can be drained quickly (and you know how to do so), feel free to start it up. If not, you might have a $50-$100 service call for a spring sprinkler blowout the first week of May :confused:


I see we are expecting 1-2 feet of snow this weekend! good thing i didn’t start! I’ve just been watering by hand and will start it up in may.


It always happens :wink:

:cheers: :colorado:


Also, put down fertilizer tomorrow!

:cheers: :colorado:


I got that in. Downside with fertilizer is I have to mow sooner :slight_smile:


I’m bummed, I missed it, but we are supposed to have a crazy amount of rain this week :wink:



This weather is crazy. Aspens and cottonwoods still haven’t bloomed yet and my grass is largely still brown (well white now). We will see what may brings but looking like a June for startup this year. @ 6400 ft


Never earlier than May 15th for me.
I have replaced too many (as in 3) cracked backflow preventers by jumping the gun.