Here are the deets on the new zone treats 🍬


I think next product from Rachio should be rotor sprinkler and spray heads to play nice with the iro controller and some drip irrigation.


NM found it.


I can’t even load the app, as my phone doesn’t support iOS 10.3 and it seems I will not be able to register the controller (ordered version 3) via the Rachio web app?


@Madburg - so you’re saying the phone you have is older than an iPhone 5? I think most new apps are being targeted for the 64 bit infrastructure. Not to mention all the security weaknesses that are in older iPhones or iOS 9. I’d recommend getting a newer (no it does not need to be an iPhone X) a 5s will still work - but I might suggest something that at least starts with a 6 or a SE.


I should have explained it better, I have a 6s but I have apps that don’t support iOS 10, hence for now i must stay on the last iOS9; for which many apps developers still support with on going updates.

(Lets no get into Security at all because there is nothing secure about any mobile phone, OS, and the networks they run on.).

So it’s a bit short sighted to only support iOS 10.3 and greater. Not everyone wants to change a phone and sprinkler controller every 2 years. I picked the Rachio 3 for the addition of manual runs in emergency etc. But not being able to register the controller at all without a mobile phone on a particular version?

iOS 10.3 was released on March 27, 2017, that not even 2 years worth of supporting an app if you count even going to that version on that very day.


I have an iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 11.3.1 all my apps including Rachio runs flawless no issues here just try to keep everything updated. Been using Rachio since 2014 never had any problem.



20 min on hold during their business hours while having to listen to that looping (can’t call it a song) noice. Only for the system to tell me no one is available. Emailed support, automated reply back they will review and get back to me with-in 48 hours. And now useless post.

I’ll return it and just move on. I’ll stick to the tradition controller with a rain sensor that lasts longer than a year or two.


Most likely the apps you have are not compatible with iOS 10 because you still haven’t updated your iPhone to the latest software. my suggestion is to update to iOS 11.3 and then update all the apps to their latest version.


Hey @Madburg :slight_smile:

So sorry for the trouble! Looks like Lucas was able to reach out with a solution this morning!

-Lo :rachio:


I have a small request - can you put today’s date on the home screen where you tell me the time? Oh and also on the Zone display page? I can never remember what the present date is.


Thank you Laura, Lucas was very helpful with providing 2 options. I received my controller yesterday, installed it last night and registered it. Have more questions now, but will not post on this thread.


The ability to input telephone numbers in the user profile has odd logic. I think it’s because it’s designed only to take US numbers i.e. numbers starting with +1. Mine starts with +44 and Rachio tries to stick in a 1 at the front and eliminate the last digit!


must be more users who could benefit with adjustment of this


Thanks for the update, it really improves things. However I would love to see some better information in the history. For example full date would help to better see when watering happened. To me the history is a bit messy


Great addition and benefits to the user community, but I have 1 zone that is small and will not calibrate as it says it is below 0.5GPM, any suggestions on can this be adjusted or is that a fixed limitation?


preferably more than one to manage by controller. most gardens have a dry and wet area. would be nice!