Here are the deets on the new zone treats 🍬


We released an app update today, and wanted to show off what’s new!

PS: We also released last week, and I forgot to update you guys. So I included those changes as well!

Flow Software
3.4 Release
With Rachio’s Wireless Flow Meter upcoming release, it was time to put the software out in the wild! This software will be available to all of our wired flow meter users as well, so you guys get a first look! You can now calibrate your flow meter to get baseline flow, set thresholds for high and low flow notifications, and decide if you want automatic shut-off.

Monthly Usage View
3.4 Release
Usage just got more powerful! Click on the usage widget to see what’s new.You can go back in time to see previous month’s usage, and see usage per zone per month! Woohoo!

Day View
3.4 Release
In order to match the beautiful UI of the run and skip views, day view has been added. Select any day with upcoming schedules to see the day view. This view will include all upcoming runs and skips for those days, as well as the predicted weather.

Zone Detail View
3.5 Release
The Zone Detail screen brings everything you want to know about your zones into one spot you can view quickly and intuitively. You can see what schedules a zone is in, and the monthly and daily usage for that zone.
Flex users rejoice- soil moisture can be seen on this screen without going into moisture graphs!
This screen also just looks good. Props to our designer @Tram , who knew zone details could be so :fire:.

Other Updates

  • Gen 2 firmware interstitial added to improve onboarding experience
  • Additional verification around account creation was added
  • Users can now input phone number on their profile for expedited support interactions
  • In-app help center was revamped and reorganized

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and feedback. I can assure you we are actively listening and working to continue to make a product that you love. This is a big year for Rachio, and we are excited to have all of you along for the ride.

McKynzee :rachio:

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This is amazing! The team has really outdone themselves this time around!



I’m low key obsessed with this update :heart_eyes: YAY TEAM!



From you preview it looks like an awesome update. I’m looking forward to playing around with it. Thanks for the great communication here.


Very good!! I am excited about the zone-by-zone gallons tracking.

You guys do a good job constantly improving your app.

Well done.



I am beyond happy. I can now micro track all my usage and look for leaks.

I guess the next marketable product for you guys should be wireless moisture sensors.


The new zone features are Excellent!!


Still no landscape mode for iPads. Booh ! Lol


Awesome update Rachio team!!!


Excellent UI. V3 just keeps getting better! Lots of information, organized very well. This is one tight app!




Christmas will be coming early this year…:wink:



I hope you guys are saving something for the X-mas :slight_smile:

The Rachio team is doing a great job! :star_struck:

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Dang, I can’t keep up with the updates! Nice job guys!


Looking good! Can’t wait to start playing with the new flow meter.


I dream of a day when that is true!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s ripe for reimagining, making better and having a good device not cost a bundle. I’m daunted by soil moisture sensors.




Don’t get me started…



How about drip irrigation tubing with built in moisture sensors that connect to octohubs with wifi.