Help with this system

I’ve been on hold over an hour with Rachio support. I’m ripping this system out and counting my losses. But can anyone tell me how to save my plants and lawn for at least two days

Anyone. Help program this piece of “…” temporarily til I can rip it out

You need to give some information on what your problem is. At the most basic, you can program a Fixed schedule to water a set amount of time on specified days (so, 20 minutes on M/W/F, for example). If you want to use some of the “smart” features, you will need to set a Flex Monthly or Flex Daily schedule. However, without some more information on what issues you are having, I can’t be more specific on how to handle them.


I think you will find the community is willing to do our best to help you, as @philospher77 said, if we know what the issue is.

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