Help! System shows 'watering' - no water

Hey friends!

Please see my system set up above. I unplugged during winter (oye, will go standby next time) - connected back to WiFi and moved the controller from tablet to phone.

App says watering, goes through my zone 1-5 however no watering occurs. I’ve reconfigured controller, shut down system reconnected WiFi, tested zones to no avail. App/system appears to be working perfect on surface. No watering occurring (master valve is on, no digging or changes in landscape)

Also I removed cover and see a stray black wire hanging out… any help is appreciated!!!

When you say “master valve is on”, are you talking about an automatic master valve controlled by Rachio or a manual turn valve? I presume you do not have a pump? If you go to one of the sprinkler valves and manually turn on the water, does water come out the sprinklers? You usually turn the solenoid (or a bleeder valve) 1/4 turn counterclockwise to do so. Since none of the sprinklers are working, it seems likely to be a problem with the main water or a common wire.

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To add on to what Thomas mentioned, is your master valve “on” in the app or is it actually open so water is getting to your sprinkler valves? If you don’t have water at your sprinkler valves and don’t need to manually open the master valve to do so, then based on the appearance of your stray black wire there I would say that should plug into the M slot, may have broken off.

I would agree with @questioneverything that just based upon where the wire is laying, it seems like it may have come out from the ‘M’ or ‘C’ connection. If you have an controlled main valve, it would likely belong to ‘M’. I would probably want to double check thinga, such as “follow the wire” . . . go to where the five zones are and see what happens to the wires, specifically the black.

Thank you guys, I’ve moved the black wire to C and realized the caps on the valve were lost when sprinklers were blown out.

Zones 1-3 are up and working. I am now at zone 4 and 5 making noises when I turn on however the sprinklers are not coming up- any ideas?

Thank you!!!

Orange and Green are not working now!! Help!


Maybe check both ends of the white wire, making sure they are clean with a good connection, may need new waterproof wire nuts if that end is bad.