Help needed - one zone not turning off

We have a Gen 3 that was working fine. Our Zone 4 stopped working. Our gardener changed the valve and now Zone 4 works when the wire is inserted into Zone 4 on the unit, but we cannot control Zone 4 from our phone and Zone 4 will not turn off unless the wire is unplugged or the power is unplugged. When we plug the wire into a different zone, everything works okay. When we plug a different zone wire into Zone 4 on the unit, then whatever zone that is associated with that wire has the same problem. So it seems like the problem is the Zone 4 input on the unit?

@rarsh - do you have access to a volt meter?

I’d probably email support at or call them.

No. The power doesn’t seem to be the problem. We emailed support and are waiting on a response.

@rarsh, I was going to suggest checking the voltage coming out of that terminal with nothing hooked up.

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