Help me set up my Rachio in Arizona, Please!

I just installed a 16 zone Rachio and am a bit overwhelmed by the number of settings needed to be configured in order to accurately use the Flex Daily feature. Is there anyone out there with experience on setting up and managing a Daily Flex schedule that I can pay to come out and help me configure? I live in Scottsdale near Shea/Loop 101. I realize with time and research I could troubleshoot my way there but I work lots of hours and would rather see if I can benefit from someone else’s experience to fast track my setup. Thanks so much for considering.

Hey @Animra!
You came to the right place, we have a ton of very helpful AZ users. First I would recommend running through these two posts- tons of helpful information. (Don’t be frightened off by the first title :joy:)


Welcome @Animra!

I set up these two threads after lots of learning. They are step-by-step guides to a couple key setup requirements. The one on soil has broad application, while the one on drip is very pertinent to our Arizona environment associated drip systems, and has also helped others that have our style of drip systems.

I recommend going through them, and the ones that @mckynzee recommended afterward. I don’t mean to suggest that the threads @mckynzee recommended aren’t useful. They definitely ARE ! It’s more that If you go through the two above they might give you some of the basic setup steps that will help you make sense of the some of what came out of the other threads.