HELP - Flex is killing my flowers

My Rachio won’t consistently water my zones.
Here is an example: My flowerbed is on a flex schedule. This morning, after watering was complete in other zones, My waterbed remained dry, water level was 0%. WHY DIDN’T IT WATER? What is the point of having an automatic watering system if it won’t water?

Settings, Annual, Fixed Spray, Sandy Loam, some shade, flat, 1000 sqft, .12 avail, 4in root, 50% depletion, 80% eff, 1.6 inches per hour.

The 0% you see is when the soil moisture reaches 50% depletion by end of today. Check the soil moisture chart by tapping the number percent under the flower zone. Look at the table for future irrigation/waterings. The flowers should water tomorrow.

If you see no watering upcoming then make sure there’s no end by date in the schedule. If your flowers are stressed, let us know and we can help (e.g. you may need to lower the precipitation rate or add an afternoon fixed schedule to deliver a pick-me-up to the flowers).

In the mean time feel free to quick run the zone if you feel water today is imperative.


If you go into the zone, tap on the Soil Moisture %, then tap on MORE DETAIL, you can usually figure out why it watered/didn’t water.

If you can post a screenshot of that screen, we might be able to help you figure it out.

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I just realized that if for some reason the schedule excludes a day, that won’t be obvious in the moisture chart. Unintentionally excluding a day in a Flex schedule may be another reason a zone wouldn’t water as expected.

It skipped yesterday, so I manually watered it. It is planning on skipping today, I will let it go to see how it is planning on recovering. But the chart doesn’t look like I have it setup properly.

Thanks for the help!

You might want to check with support about that “Other Schedule Type”. I was getting that (see What is "other" schedule type?), and in my case it was due to my unit “thrashing” with the signal. I have ended up moving my router closer to my Rachio unit and everything has cleared up and straightened out. Of course, yours might be some type of “other” but it’s worth looking at.

Your crop evapotranspiration changed quite a bit from 7/23 to 7/24. Did you make some changes ? How did you choose your soil type?