Help - Fixed Interval Setting

I chose the fixed interval setting and set the watering time for 5 minutes for each zone. However, on certain days it seems to have adjusted the watering times by itself to 7 minutes.Additionally, I see that the weather forecast is showing it will be raining next Tuesday but my calendar is still it is scheduled to water that day. I have both the Smart Cycle and Weather Intelligence ON. Can someone help to shed some lights on these two questions?

Hi @brianl1999!

Are your scheduling times consistently 7 minutes now and they were originally 5 minutes, or do they switch back and forth? If it’s consistently 7 minutes, this is most likely due to our Seasonal Shift feature. Information on how that works, why we do it, and how to turn it off can be found here: If they switch back and forth let me know- this sounds like a problem and will require some more digging.

As for your issue with the calendar showing as scheduled for watering, fixed schedules check weather about an hour before the schedule is set to run and decide if they can skip or not. So you should see that decision to skip Tuesday before the schedule runs as long as the forecast is still rain! I would check that your rain skip threshold is set to whatever you prefer, you can edit that within Weather Intelligence on your schedule. More information on Weather intelligence and how to edit those features can be found here:

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

McKynzee :rachio:

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