Help Finding Serial Number

My Rachio has been down for the past 4-days. For some reason, it was disassociated with my account. I can connect it to Wi-Fi, but can’t get it connected. My SN sticker peeled off in the humidity, so I can’t reference it directly, but have both my receipt of purchase as well as the MAC Address. Customer support is taking roughly an hour between responses to me and I’m trying to get them on the phone, but haven’t been successful. It’s the middle of summer in Alabama and all I can do is water a zone for 3-minutes at a time. This is a very expensive hose at this point in time.

Specifically, what goes wrong?

When you visit can you log in? If so, does the controller appear in your account? If so, does it show as on line? If so, what happens when you try to run a schedule?

What model controller do you have? What do the indicator lights show?

What happens when you call customer support? Are you offered a callback?

If you PM me the mac address I can have the engineering team provide the serial number.

Quickly and satisfactorily resolved with help from Franz. Appreciate the support!