Help during wildfires?

So I’ve been thinking… There has been a lot on the news lately about wildfires, and I’m wondering if there would be a way to add a type of “emergency” setting so that the system could rotate through zones to protect a house or structure from wildfires.

Maybe run through every zone in a predetermined amount of time, or each zone for a minute.

Just a thought, and maybe I’m way off base.

This is a good article about landscaping for wildfire protection. Sadly, this is such a problem in so many sections of the United States. I dont know how you could do an emergency cycle other than creating a program and then operate it manually.

Hey Jay-
Love this idea. We do currently have an integration with Nest where your controller will run if your Nest detects smoke. This is more directed towards house fires, but I wonder if it could be helpful in the situation? I’m not sure if the Nest would detect the smoke from the wildfire outside… Here is the support article with more information on that integration: Let me know what you think.
McKynzee :rachio: