Hardwired controller

While I can appreciate that the wireless option was a very smart first choice to more easily enable adoption of the product, I would put in a vote for a hardwired option. I would have both wired and hardwired in the same product given that the hardwired is dirt cheap compared to the wireless. The suggestion is because I’d like to,out this in my home automation metal box in the basement, along with the modem/router, VoIP ATA and phone/cable wires. I also already put in a vote for the right angle power plug.

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@Steub‌ Thanks for the suggestion, we are looking at any and all options for our next revision. Thanks again for your input!

I would vote for some way to hardwire to it as well for systems that may want more reliability. Or aren’t in an area with great WiFi due to distance, etc.

For the plug, I like the 45° flat angled plugs myself, allows for either top or bottom plugging in.

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I would vote hardwired as well, at least as an integrated option.

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another vote for hardwired + wireless.