Hardware upgrade to sense when well run empty

I use a deep well pump to supply the sprinkler system with water. Once the well water level runs low a swimmer switch cuts the pump power until it is refilled. My Rachio 3 does not know that watering stopped and happily continues to switch zones.

The next gen of Rachio control should offer programmable inputs/outputs.

If I had an input to tell Rachio that the well is empty and switch this back once the well refilled itself, I could water forever. Rachio could stop at the right time and start by itself.

I wonder if the unused rain/freeze sensor inputs would help, but I doubt it, since a toggle every 15 min would not make sense to the control. Immediately after a rain or freeze switch impulse it might not water until the next schedule starts.

Sounds good im in a market as.well. now.you have 2 customers

I also have a sl-o-o-o-w but very deep (lots of storage) well. That’s why I’m here… I’m a potential customer looking at how well Rachio might support my scenario.

It’s worth mentioning that it is very bad practice to run a well completely dry on a regular basis. This can cause changes to the minerals lining the well and further reduce its delivery capacity.