Guest Access and with new update

After reading the notes on the new app update:
“Shared Access If you have you shared access with family, friends, or irrigation professionals in the past, Rachio has got you covered! This connection will be carried over into the upgraded software. Heads up - once you upgrade, you will only see shared controllers once they have been upgraded as well. This also means that those you have shared with will not be able to see your controller until they have upgraded their app.”

I believe this means that I will have to maintain both the old version and new version on devices to be able to access controllers that have been shared to me from customers until all of them have updated their mobile apps and logged in. Is this correct? I have customers that I never have contact with and they never use the app so it is not as easy to tell them they need to update and log in.

I guess I kind of answered it for myself. After updating you can no longer log into the old app with an account that has been logged in to the new version. This is such a botched upgrade. I now have a couple dozen customers controllers I can’t access a week before I need to start their system up. I now have to have customers update and log in to their apps - half of whose will not know their passwords.

Hey @jasonjacobs-

Sorry for any confusion. For you to access your shared controllers, your account needs to be on the same version as the controller shared with you. That does mean your customers need to upgrade to restore your access.

That being said, for our pros with 5+ controllers shared, we are assisting the upgrade of their customers this morning (acutally as we speak!). I believe you received an email about this, but if not, I apologize. Your access (and all pro access) should be restored by the end of today.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

McKynzee :rachio:

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Ah, thank you very much, I think they have all been shared to my account now. I don’t remember an email explaining that specifically, but not a big deal. The new release looks great!