Grey wire that i’m not sure where it goes in rachio


i just installed rachio 3 and the old timer had a grey wire with 3 wires in it, red black and silver. attached is a picture of the old timer and that wire.

i have no idea what it is and where it goes in rachio.

any help will be appreciated.

thank you.

I would guess that to be some kind of sensor, such as a rain or soil moisture sensor. Do you have either? Do you know the brand / model? What brand / model is your old controller?

uploaded image of the old one. i do have a rain sensor

Hmmm, according to Rain Sensor Wiring - Troubleshooting / Wiring - Rachio Community, Rachio does not support that sensor. It seems like it should be able to work, but I have not found the wiring diagram for the sensor yet.

ok thank you. appreciate the help. it works without it so its fine.

@vincentg8 - did you have a flow meter with the old system? It looks like shielded wire which is used for wired flow meters. The specific make and model would need to be identified to see if it would work with Rachio.

i have no idea what a flow meter is and if i have it. we bought this house couple of years ago and I’ve been just upgrading some of the hardware we have here.

@vincentg8 - a flow meter measures how much water is flowing through the pipe. It can be used to calculate the amount of water used or if the flow rate is too low (clogged emitters in a drip system) or too high (broken pipe or sprinkler head).

A flow meter will be in the ground near the back flow preventer or master valve. A rain sensor would be on an eave or fence top.

Upon reviewing the manual, I believe that is the SLW - a weather station that can attach to unit which @Thomas_Lerman correctly noted is not supported by Rachio (as Rachio gets it’s weather via the internet).

ah yeah i dont think we have a flow meter. we do have a rain sensor which is what i think those wires are for. i didn’t connect them so hopefully Rachio will work well without it.

i appreciate the help with this. :+1: