Greetings from Argentina

I just finished to set up my Rachio device, despite it was designed for the US market, it works very well. I have a little trouble to connect the device to the network, but the reason was that its located at the edge of wifi reception, so I move it near the router, made the setup and now works without a problem.
Then the fun begins, after years of tiny displays and clunky buttons, programing and controlling the irrigation system its a joy!
Many thanks to everybody for tips and advice.

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Fantastic! Love hearing from our international customers :wink:

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback and have a great day!


Yea, this is super cool

Hola Ricardo, ya somos unos cuantos que usamos Rachio en casa.
Yo estoy tratando de usarlo para programar el filtrado de la piscina, pero el problema es que como mi sistema de riego tiene una bomba maestra, no tengo como deshabilitar el encendido de la bomba maestra al activar una zona adicional (por ejemplo la zona 3 para activar el filtrado de la piscina).
En el foro me dijo Franz que era una función que estaban evaluando.


Intento de traducción:
Hello Ricardo, so we are a few Rachio users in argentina.
I´m trying to user Irlo to control my pool filtering, but my problem is with the master pump activation, there is no way to use some zones with master pump and others zones without it.
I ask this on the community forum and Franz toll me that they are thinking about it.

best regards

I’m posting in english, since we are a only a few around here speaking spanish. Should be a very nice addition, meanwhile I’m using a wifi timer called Wiwo that works perfect and I can managed from my iPhone.

@hrnieto, just curious if you saw this post? Are you using a WeMo maker or just the basic WeMo switch?

I’m using a Wiwo switch , I think it has similar functions than a WeMo switch ( even the name :wink: )

Ah, found it! Sorry, I misread your original post. I wonder who came first? :wink:

Those Chinese factories, discover that there are a world outside USA with 220 V, different plugs, different specification and managed to sell their products. For people like me, that loves technology sometimes is the only source.
I have a question for you :smile: One of my irrigation zones is located in a winter garden that needs to be irrigated every three days without taking account the rain. I cannot figure out how to do that.
Help please?

@hrnieto, sure thing. For this watering schedule, I’d recommend setting up a Fixed schedule. Details on how to do so can be found in this support article.

Once you have the Fixed schedule created, simply edit it to the configuration needed; every three days can be found under #6 (Interval), and watering without taking account of the rain can be found under #7 (disable Weather Intelligence).

Hope this helps!

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