Grass dies waiting for predicted rain!

When using the Flex Monthly schedule type, seems like the Rachio 3 skips watering on a blistering hot day like today just because some rain is predicted tomorrow. Why kill your grass today on the promise of rain tomorrow?? Is this what’s happening? I don’t mind skipping if it already rained, but tomorrow is NOT guarenteed. For anytihng, much less rain. What am I missing here? Thanks!


There may be a better way, but one thing you could do is simply turn rain skip off. I think rain skip only applies to forecasted rain. Perhaps someone who knows for sure could chime in here.

I have a physical rain sensor that will shut it all down in case of actual rain. This frees me up to experiment with the weather. Also, with the internet phone notification, it’s not that hard to monitor what it’s doing (not not doing) based on the weather.

I have a Tempest Weather station that is integrated with the Rachio. However I have found that rain skip was being activated based on predicted rain that very often never happened. I am not sure exactly where it is pulling information about the forecast. In any event I find myself overriding the rain skip fairly often based on what I see is actually happening.