Gound Power into Rachio?

Hello, when installing my Rachio, I’m noticing my old unit (A Rainbird model,) is hard lined into my house by a ground wire. The wire goes directly into my fuse box that is right next to it. My question: Is there a way to use this type of setup for the Rachio? or do I have to use the cord that came with the unit? My problem: I don’t have an open socket outside to plug my Rachio into.

Thanks for the help!

I’m using the outdoor enclosure they suggested which has the outlet inside of it. You just hardwire that outlet. There’s actually space for another 2 outlets if you install one. I decided to run my landscape lighting transformer to the same box so my wiring was a lot cleaner on the outside.

@Kennito45, is your old controller installed indoors or outdoors? You’ll need to use the power adaptor that came with the Iro to operate it. If you need to hardware the controller using the wiring going to your old controller, I would recommend using our Outdoor enclosure (wiring instructions found here), as it can be wired into the existing electrical, and provides an outlet for the Iro’s power supply (and a spare outlet for anything else you might need to power).

Hope this helps :smile:

Looking at this picture makes me think that adding an Ethernet port would open up markets to the Rachio that are currently closed (due to not good enough Wi-Fi connectivity). Make the Rachio operate like a laptop when it comes to connectivity: Wi-Fi or Ethernet - makes no difference.

Maybe get sophisticated to point of selling Rachio with Wi-Fi at certain price point, w/ Ethernet at certain price point, and with both at a third price point. This is what commercial tstats are moving to (with residential tstats sticking to a WiFi only model).

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