Got Wind Skipped last 2 days (set to 20 mph), but highest gusts were 8mph?

Im in Southern California, we have Santa Ana winds right now (yesterday was a windy day), so after Rachio did a Wind Skip I didnt bat an eye (it said Winds were 28Mph), but today is a relatively calm day, yet Rachio reported that Wind Skip was applied because of Winds of 38Mph, which doesnt seem right at all. Today is not a Windy day.

Looking at several weather stations in the area, all are reporting sub 7Mph winds today, most of the time near 0Mph. What gives? Yesterday when Rachio reported 20Mph highest gust was actually ~8.1Mph.

Weather station:

Same here in Palm Springs. I reset my Maximum Wind Speed limit higher; seems to be working. Not sure why Rachio servers are getting confused on wind speeds. Fortunately it notifies me and I was able to override it.

I’m not understanding why it doesn’t run before morning. Double check the wind and then run when possible? It seems to default to the next day cycle. Is this only happening to me?

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I posted about this last year, and never got an acceptable response. I’ve had to set my wind skip to 25Mph in order to get watering done on breezy days where I’ve got ~10Mph winds.

No, I’m in So Cal and affected by the Santa Ana winds which have been happening the past two weeks. My grass is VERY dry and was close to dying. I’ve done several quick runs when the wind dies down to save it but there should be programming logic to have it run after midnight and before morning when there a very little if any winds or try again the following day. This shouldn’t be that difficult. It shouldn’t be that the only other alternative is to do manual cycles. If we wanted “manual” few of us would have picked this controller.