Google Home Integration - Stopping the first intro everytime

I just linked Rachio with GH, and found that everytime I call out Rachio it does the whole overview before I can issue a command. How can I change this to have it say something else or not say anything at all?

I think if you start commands with "“Hey Google, ask/tell Rachio” instead of telling the Home “talk to Rachio” the command will go through without the overview.

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The Ask/Tell rachio command gives me a “sorry I can’t send messages yet”

You didn’t happen to say “to” after the “Hey Google, ask/tell Rachio”? I think that makes Home think you are trying to send a message. So “Hey Google, ask/tell Rachio to water front lawn” would not work but “Hey Google, ask/tell Rachio water front lawn” would.

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Leaving the “to” out seems to allow some commands. IE “Hey Google, ask Rachio water front lawn” as you said.

It’s still pretty new I don’t think Google figured all the hiccups out yet. Sometime it would respond to Tell while other times it’ll be confuse and only respond to ask. Not important as Rachio was meant to be hands off anyways. Thought it’d be a cool conversation item with guests.

@dannieboiz PS- working on fixing that awkward language that is required right now :worried: