Google home Commands not working Rachio Gen 2

I have Rachio connected to google home mini. It worked great. “Tell Rachio to water the lawn”.”how many minutes?” “ 5 min”. Worked great. Now the ONLY command I can get to work is “water the lawn” and it runs ALL zones for 3 min or “start watering and stop watering” work. I cannot tell it to do an individual zone and NONE of the “ask Rachio” or “tell Rachio” commands work at all. Any suggestions? Your site still claims these commands work but they stopped working completely.

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Hey @Dolesy!

The Google Home/Assistant apps have updated and now you don’t have to use “ask” or “tell.”

All of these commands should work:

  • “Ok Google, water the lawn.”

  • "Ok Google, start watering [zone name].’

  • “Ok Google, stop watering.”

If they don’t, make sure all of your Google/Rachio apps are updated and the integration is linked correctly :slight_smile:

Let me know if you still run into any snags!

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