Getting started with Smart Home devices

I am getting started with setting up a Smart Home configuration.

I have not yet purchased any components, however, I am currently leaning towards a Smart Things Hub.

For irrigation, I have 6 zones, the key aspects in the controller that I am looking for are:

  • Flexible schedules.
  • Cloud access via my local hub vs. a product portal
  • Notification of excess water usage to system leaks / broken heads
  • Integration with Weather Services to help reduce water usage.

Any feedback on how Rachio can address these items?

Thank you

flexibale schedules? there is a feature called flex schedules, but as im not sure what you mean by that, ill assume flexies will handle it, it is more of a fire and forget solution to irrigation.

cloud access is there, but it will be via the rachio app or web ui for now.
no notifications for excessive water usage…there ahve been a number of posts for integrating with flow sensors…one day i hope.

totally integrated with weather stations and my most favorite feature…worth the price tag alone.

currently there is some support for nest, but that is it, im currently having to work on my own virtual device driver for my z-way server at home.

Thank you for the reply.

What is supported with the integration with the SmartThings hub? I was hoping to select a hub and appropriate devices that would minimize the number sites I need to log into in order to control / monitor the devices. Specifically, I want to be able to sit in my house, with remote access disabled, and have full control via a wifi connection to the hub

Doesn’t exist today but the team has stated they plan to add it.

That really isn’t possible with this device. This device has no local control. You have to have it on the Internet. All API calls are to the cloud not your local device. If you want a device with no internet connection, this isn’t the right one for you.

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