Get last watered


I was looking at the public API and I couldn’t find any way to tell when a zone was last watered. I have a pond off one of my zones in order to fill it. I’d like to be able to query the API to see when that zone was last run so that I can trigger a manual schedule (fill the pond) if it hasn’t ran in a certain number of days.

Is there a way to do this I’m not seeing?


I don’t think there is. An ifttt recipe that updates a google calendar with each time a zone ran will be your best bet. Then you can query the calendar. I have not looked in a bit but there maybe a better ifttt facility to accommodate this…


I just need to map that data to the zone that is returned. We track this data:


Will add in the next couple days :wink:



Bam! It like this and like that and all come on!


These are now available on Zone.




Excellent! Thanks!