Would be interested in seeing integration with GeoDrops once available. Would really be able to increase the advanced data that others may not know to obtain.

GeoDrops as in COIN app? If so, what do digital assets have to do with Rachio.

Ooops, I just found the soil moisture sensor at

I am not sure how long those are, but it looks like it is fairly close to the surface instead of near the roots. Rachio does not allow for one (or more sensor) tied to a zone. I do like the idea of the size, leave it and forget it (do not be concerned about driving over it with a mower). Then again, I wonder about the power. I have also read that these types of sensors should be periodically moved to be more effective, maintaining soil contact. And it seems on the expensive side. I like the idea of the Tempest better.

I have the tempest already. Not sure how these are the same? Let me know if I’m missing something besides accurate weather. I think it would be good to have soil moisture to help fine tune the evaporation rate or even watering efficiency.

Maybe the soil moisture would help as well. I suppose the Tempest would calculate and the sensor would measure to its depth.

It says it does integrate with Rachio. I would be interested in this as well. Since I have sandy soil and water using a well. With only able to put out 6 gallons a minute this would be helpful to make sure I am watering correctly.