Generation 2 Product Suggestions

I suggest having a companion ‘commercial’ controller to what you have today.

Here are my Top Ten Feature suggestions for this product. I’d include

  1. Ethernet connectivity as an alternative to Wi-Fi or as an additional means of connectivity.

  2. An Iro controller with the necessary hardware processing that accommodates existing in-the-market hard wire moisture sensors.

  3. Time period ‘window’ or ‘windows’ for each or all days where watering is not allowed (i.e. 10 AM - 6 PM) and the flex scheduling can work around the period (i.e. the flex schedule could start at midnight, run until 10 AM, ‘pause’ between 10 and 6 PM, and then resume at 6 PM.

  4. The ability to set any/all accumulated value/s to any number (including zero).

  5. 32 zones, all capable of being included in a flex schedule.

  6. The ability to designate, for each / any given manual watering duration, if it should ‘count’ or ‘not count.’

  7. The ability to ignore rainfall metrics from nearby weather stations and instead use an actual measurement from an on-site rainfall measuring instrument.

  8. An alternative to the blink process is available to configure Wi-Fi settings.

  9. The ability for the customer to turn off receiving on a random basis Iro firmware updates (have no problem with tech support declining to assist for a problem if customer is not on current firmware).

  10. The ability to simply specify gpm for a zone as an optional field.

Hope this is helpful for strategic and market strategy think sessions internal to the company.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll relay all of this to our product team. Very helpful!


A while back I was chairman of our Parks Board (for a quarter million population city). Parks water sprinklering influences a lot of what I’d like to see in a commercial implementation. If you were to give me an 11th item, it would be flex scheduling on a 48 hour basis. In a lot of commercial areas, it’s just not possible to ‘get it all done’ in 24 hours…


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