Generation 2 - Not triggering zones, solved due to rain sensor activated

Rachio is showing in history that schedule was not skipped but it is not watering. It started happening from last couple of days.

It works fine if I manually starts the schedule.

It looks like your rain sensor is tripped. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help with it. The team is working on making this rain sensor status much more visible.

Screenshot from 2018-05-10 07-30-57

Thanks for replying but I don’t get it. If rain sensor is active then history notification should say that schedule is skipping because rain sensor is active why it is saying schedule is not skipped?

I checked the link you provided but where can I find the current status of rain sensor if it is active or not?

We don’t do a great job of exposing the rain sensor status. In an upcoming release that will change.

Currently you need to navigate to the history tab and can view events there. My hunch is maybe a wiring issue or the rain sensor needs to be cleaned.