GEN3, and my PWS with WU

So I have the GEN3 rachio, and recently added a NETATMO PWS, which is reporting to WU, today in the morning it finally showed at the WI+ map but then later I was just tweaking and unselected and then try and came back to select my PWS and it disappeared, according to WU the station is still reporting.

Am I missing something ?


Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

let me see,

here is what I see where I do not see a PWS (mine) on top of my Rachio which there was one in the morning.

And this is what is on WU which is currently reporting and the PWS was in the morning.

@raullozano3 I know it takes time for IBM WU to propagate that information to all their servers. If after a day or so your station doesn’t fully show up I can have the engineering team reach out to them directly.