Gen2 install stalls when trying to talk to servers

Hi folks, I’m new here and having some head-scratching issues with my controller.

This is a brand new controller that I just unboxed. I purchased it in 2016 and it has never been connected to the network. I’m just finally getting around to setting it up… kids, new house, work. Life just gets in the way. :grimacing:

This is what I have done (multiple times, actually): I have followed the QuickStart guide. I have done all the online troubleshooting. I’ve reset the controller multiple times, both Wi-Fi reset and factory reset. I’ve removed the controller from the app and Apple HomeKit and added it back multiple times.

The controller shows up in the web interface and I get emails/notifications that it’s activated, but I never get past the blinking light for light three on the device.

In the app, sometimes I get messages saying it can’t talk to the Rachio servers, other times I get just a blank screen with the word “next” at the bottom.

In all circumstances I end up with the third light blinking and the controller being in “off-line” in the web dashboard and app.

I ran the routethis helps tool and here is the code if it’s helpful: EV3SDDAG

I have not wired it up outside at this point. I’m simply trying to get it set up before I bring it outside and wire it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just a headsup The Gen 2 does not work with HomeKit.

Also, the controller can only be added through the app, not through Apple Networking.

Can you try removing the controller from your account, factory reset, restart the app and then activate the controller through the app? Also make sure you have the latest version of the iOS app.


Hi Franz,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Apologies for the confusion, I have been troubleshooting several “smart” devices in my home lately and they are overlapping… ignore the comments about HomeKit… (that was my MyQ HomeBridge, which is also having issues). :slight_smile:

So, for some background, I’ve done what you are suggesting several times, but I’ll try again… hopefully you’ll see something on your end. I’ll do it right now… give me a couple mins to get familiar with the factory reset again. The app I have on my phone was only downloaded a few days ago, what version should it be?

At the bottom of my “Account Settings” page in the app I see the below… is that the version? and is that the latest?

3.14.0 (1704 086bb5f)

Doesn’t look like it is connecting to the internet, our servers are sending it commands but not accepting.

Is it on a range extender? Is there a firewall setup?

Also, the firmware on that unit is very old, it might be having issues trying to update it.

If you can’t get it online PM me your address and I’ll have our CS team RMA the unit.


Hi Franz,

It’s not on a range extender, no. There is only my cable modem between it and the internet (well, and the access point, too). The cable modem/router shouldn’t be blocking the incoming commands as by default the request is coming from inside the firewall and should be routed back to the device… I would think, anyway… I’ve not done anything special to my network.

Yeah, I figured the firmware would be outdated. I was hoping I could just update it myself, but I haven’t been able to see how… since it’s unable to talk to your servers.

I just did the whole dance again (factory reset, etc) 2 times and no luck, so I’ll PM you my address.

Thanks for trying…


One last thing you can try if you have an Android device might get different results :slight_smile:


:thinking: No Andriods in this house, unfortunately… All iPhones/iPads