Gen1 Blinkup fail

I have a gen 1, when I try blinkup the red flashing light pauses but no green flash and the wifi light almost immediately goes dark but the smartphone reports connect to wifi network fails. Here is my router screen. The password to enter for blinkup is the “passphrase” shown here, correct?
The wifi light stays dark unless I power cycle the iro.
P.S. I tried again and I see blinkup is successful as there is a green flash at the end. However It looks like there is a led code of 1 long red, 3 short which means joining network afterwards. It does this for about 60 secs then there is a couple more red flashes but no code I can tell. Will try to get the last code again.

Also should it show up here even though link up failed?

@alexh, 1 long/3 short red usually indicates the controller cannot connect to your 2.4ghz network. Is the SSID for your 2.4 network the same as your 5.0 network? If so, I’d recommend setting up a guest network to create a separate SSID for a 2.4 network for the controller to connect to.

If you’d prefer, I can schedule a call to have our support team troubleshoot in detail with you. If you’re interested, please email your phone number to

Thanks, Emil

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It looks like it’s different. BTW this is a Netgear WNDR4300. I don’t think we have any 5GHz devices so if there is a way to disable 5Ghz or other setting you recommend that is no problem.
Guest network OK too. Whatever is easiest.

@alexh, that’s good.

We recommend a guest network to avoid having any other devices fall offline. I’m only showing two other reports of this router in our support database. I’m curious if changing your channel might help. One of the other users switched to channel 1 and the controller connected to it immediately.

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Ok, good news. I updated the router firmware to and it connected.
Still in auto channel mode.


@alexh, perfect! I should have thought of checking that first. Thanks for the update. We hope you enjoy your controller :smile:

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