Gen 3 won't connect to wifi

I have a new gen 3 that was given to me as a gift. I removed a perfectly good rainbird controller and put this thing in. Easy to install BUT WILL NOT connect to wifi. Strong signal and low latency but will not connect. Error message on app says could not find controller. However, my ASUS router sees the controller and even shows it connected to my network. App says it cannot find the controller. I have worked on this ALL afternoon. Anyone else have a similar problem. Ready to take it out and send back. Right now I have a manual one zone at a time controller!!!


Sorry your having a problem…definitely frustrating. I’m novice with my skills for WIFI but learning.

I would love Rachio to have a Webinar regarding WiFi non connect issues especially for us contractors and installers in the field.

@franz has written some posts regading WiFI… Also do a search here.

I will just give you my recent simple experience., and success!

I found rebooting the WiFi helps if I’m not connected.

The other issue I found was Gateways that were named the same.

One client had a 2G and 5 G named the same, and we couldn’t connect.

We did a Tech call… they used “route” app and diagnostic tool it showed no problems.


Changed names rebooted and all was good!

Connected normal within a minute.

I do have a new protocol if 'Im not connected in 10 minutes, 3 maybe 4 try’s max I’ll abort my attempts at the controller.

Then use this method as one of my own guidelines.

After that it’s not the Irrigation Tech it’s in the IT tech wheelhouse.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
Thanks @ProWater

If you run this and provide the code I can have the engineering team review.