Gen 3 vs. Pro

I noticed the new Rachio Pro is out with its 4-year warranty. The cost difference is only $20 over the Gen 3 with an outside casing. Has anyone tried this unit? Thoughts vs. the Gen 3? The Pro is touted as Homekit compliant. Is it any better than the Gen 3 for HK?

The Pro unit has had no issues with connecting to the wifi, the other units I have installed generally stumble here but the 5 Pro units I have done set up very quick, This is the only change I noticed worth talking about

Good to know. Thanks! This could be a good replacement for the Gen3.

PRO actually works with HomeKit?
If so find that hard to believe was they still can’t solve the HomeKit issue with Gen 3…

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The Pro has been available for several years. Are there new features or new hardware?