Gen 3 unable to connect to wifi

I cannot for the life of me get this thing to connect to my wifi.
Stays on updating firmware for a while and then a message saying it couldn’t connect to the controller.

Any help is appreciated.


Are you using Android or iOS for the controller activation?




What are you seeing on the controller during the firmware update stage? You should see the LED bar fill up, then I think some orange and green on the left hand side and then it should start flashing white on the left hand side.

Well…Using Android, basically see a solid white on the left and blinking yellow to the right.

Used the wifes iphone and able to get a lot further. It basically gets suck on Activating Controller.


I can have the team connect your controller, I’ve PMed you for more information.


My initial problem of not being able to connect to my WiFi was due to the Android app. Could never make it past the firmware updating portion.
Ended up using the Apple app on the wife’s phone, which got me connected to my WiFi and up to the part where it was attempting to activate the device.
Something was done on the back end to activate and now I’m all good.

Now able to use the Android app for maintenance, watering schedules, etc.

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